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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
No, we are still at "3.0s can't hit 100 mph". You're still using yourself as the example and you are under rated.

Relatively few 3.5s are going to nip 100mph on a gun. Maybe 10% of 4.0s can would be my guess and about 1/2 at 4.5 do from my experience.

My point is that a 100 mph serve is a weapon that moves people up the ranks...because lower level players have minimal chance of successfully returning it.
If that's what you're saying, then I agree.

There are still people here who think I cant serve 100. Granted, I havnt exactly proven it, the fact that they're so sure I cant is becoming questionable because of the progression to the 120 mph out-wide on demand 70% of the time.

It started as "a 3.0 cant serve 100 mph" referring to me.

It is a fact that I am a 3.0, but if what you are saying is that "im out of level thats why I can possibly do it" then I wholly agree.
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