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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Mustard, I have forgotten something to tell: I possess a photograph (got it from Frau Nüsslein) showing Martin Plaa after his sensational win against Tilden. It shows Plaa in tears...

I find it worth to mention that Plaa won the first set by 6-0! Tilden in those days seldom lost a set that way...

In 1935 he lost two sets by 6-0 in the final of the US Pro against K. Kozeluh.

Plaa's win shows also that he, Kozeluh, Nüsslein, Ramillon, A. Burke and Najuch were more than just journeymen as some posters (or is it only one poster?) try to insinuate...
Aren' you a vampire? I mean your relation to old Fraulwin Nusslein is just....
Journeymamship is the general standart for 90% of normal people that must work a whole journey to make a living including middle to high class, midle to middle class, middle to working class and, of course, working class
In my mouth it never pretends being an insult but rather to aknowlwdge a non true champuion player who, in spite of this shortcoming he or she never overcame, can have high middle class status and be respected in his profession in the way a Nusslein, a Kovacs, a Segura or more recently a Ferrer and other non major achievers were respected
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