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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Really? His only slam title was the Australian Open which was a non slam back then, so in a way it feels like he is slamless although technically a 1 slam winner. His only slam finals at the other 3 he played McEnroe in one, Borg in the other, and was spanked badly in both. He lost something like 20 matches in a row to both Borg and Connors, even though he had good battles with both. He was a good player and fun to watch, but not up with the big boys at the time.

Still if you think it is him just vote "other".
Since yoy never watched tennis before 2005 or so I will remind you that Vitas won WCT finals and played 2 Masters finals which, before you were born, were muuuuuuch more impoetant than Australian Open
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