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Absolutely Nycoara, looks exactly like that. Hits a very solid ball too, a bit on the heavy side though!

Funnily enough dr325i I restrung the IG Radical Pro Pro Stock today and took it for a hit. I put that Flex Inifinity in it at 48 46 as my previous efforts have left me very much underwhelmed and hey presto! A magnificently flexy stick with so much feel and reasonable pop. Very happy, could be the best one yet..

As for the code, agreed on the tgk 269.1, got a few of those and it is one of my favourite racquets. My only complaint is that they are pretty heavy in the head even without lead. They were the update from the Microgel 233.1 from memory, which had a head that was supposed to be 100 but I was told was more like 104 in real life, it was big. The Youtek Radical Pro was more like a real 100 and had a pointier beam, clearly different mold?

The IG Radical Pro reminded me greatly of the 260.2 I had in shape. I think that was just a 260.1 in open pattern? Now the IG Radical Pro has the new grommets and is clearly smaller than the 269.1 I think it is 98? So looks pretty much the same as the IG Radical mp I think with an open pattern?

It does look very different with the clear CAP style grommets and is very flexy. I think they did this to overcome the complaints from many that the Youtek RP was too head heavy, this one is certainly more head light but it has become more of a control stick I think? The head size looks smaller than 98 to me but I could be wrong?

I could be wrong on the code, I'm pretty sure I checked when I took off the pallets to change them but I thought I'd read the 260.4 somewhere also. Could well be wrong, anyone else know?
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