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Originally Posted by mary fierce View Post
lycopene in a supplement may be of very little value. It's one of the only nutrients that has very little bioavailability until it's cooked. This is why tomato sauce is considered more nutritious than raw tomato, and why Reagan wasn't far off the mark when he declared ketchup to be a "vegetable" (for the purpose of school lunch program reckoning).
I have never heard this (the parts in bold). Do you have any reliable sources that indicate that supplemental lycopene has very little value? Are you also saying the same of lycopene from raw tomatoes? I am well aware that ketchup, tomato paste/sauce and stewed tomatoes supposedly provide greater amounts of lycopene that raw tomatoes ( I mentioned this earlier in this thread). However, I've never heard that the lycopene in raw tomatoes and supplements is not bioavailable.

Does your claim have anything to do with the different isomers of lycopene found in food sources: all-trans versus the more useful cis-isomers?
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