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Originally Posted by Chillaxer View Post
Why is Murray so obviously that much better than Roddick, according to people.
Well, he does hold a H2H of 8-3 against him for starters.

Originally Posted by Chillaxer View Post
Consistency in more minor tournaments?
That's part of it, yes. He has 8 Masters titles v Roddick's 5. Roddick of course has more overall titles, 32 v 24, but he's had a longer career.

Originally Posted by Chillaxer View Post
He has capitalised on the field waning, when Roddick won with folks at their best.
Come again? He just beat the world #2, a 5 time Slam winner, defending champion and 4 time finalist at the USO! Roddick beat the world #3 who had just won his only Slam at the FO and was in his only ever USO final.

Originally Posted by Chillaxer View Post

He also pushed Federer all the way at damn near Fed's prime, at Wimbledon 2009, and made successive finals against him there.
2009 was not exactly Fed's prime (see 2005-7) but nevertheless Roddick pushed him to the brink in that Wimbledon final and came closer to beating him there than any other player bar Nadal. Kudos to him for that.

As a former world #1, Roddick probably still has the edge over Murray at this point in time. But of course, Murray still has time to make an attempt on the #1 ranking and/or win another Slam.
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