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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
So if I want the control of B5E and the responsiveness of Tornado, what is a good poly in full bed with both characteristics, lets say the best macaroni in town?
The best overall compromise I've found is still Scorpion. It takes what I like about both strings and combines them into one. It's not as supreme as either, but since it gets above average marks in everything, I still give it the nod. HOWEVER! This is me, so your mileage may and likely will vary. Torres for instance does not find Scorpion good at all. kiteboard also hates it for other reasons. Truth be told, if youre looking to find a poly which plays exactly how I like poly, try Isospeed Baseline Spin. Even if you buy a reel of it, you can still turn it for a profit if you're a stringer. I do not recommend buying reels of string you've never tried, however.
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