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NTRPolice- I never said a 3.0 couldn't serve 100. I've known a guy who was a 3.0 who did- he was 6 foot 3 and 270 pounds former D1 football player and could just crush it though the serve would go in about 15% of the time. Since you tried to get into a MPH penis size contest with a 4.0 woman who plays Seniors I'm going to assume that you are under 5'9". I just laughed when you said that you personally could serve 110 since you have absolutely no reason to believe that you can. You don't have a coach saying you serve 110. You don't have a video showing you can serve 110. Playing 3.0 you almost certainly haven't faced anyone serving 110 in a league match where you think that your serve is just as strong. You are flat guessing but are so sure of yourself and that makes it very easy to laugh at you. I think you are simply delusional about your own level as you have shown time after time.

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