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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
I know you said that. I dont see that on your tennislink, however. According to your tennislink, in 2012, you have 1 "win" due to a default. All of the rest of your matches are losses...

When I look back a few years, you're only winning as a "3.5".

I am not seeing you playing "4.0" and winning.

I just assume then, you're talking about "wins" outside of USTA. If you think those count, fine. Your record according to tennislink as a 4.0 is mostly losses. lol.
You are looking at someone else's Tennislink record, clearly. If you see a default win for 2012, you aren't looking at my record.

And no, I don't count non-USTA wins. Indeed, I play very little tennis outside of USTA matches. And yes, I had some wins at 4.0 when I was a 3.5, but not very many.

You are correct, however, that my 2012 USTA record is "mostly losses." Winning 45% of matches is mostly losses, so no argument there.

That said, I am working diligently to get a winning record for 2013. The path, I think, is the ability to take the net against anyone and everyone. I could manipulate things by using my Captain Powers to play only with the strongest partners, but that would be taking shortcuts.

[edit: OK, I see you finally admitting you were wrong. It's kind of weird that you would try to call me out as a liar the way you did. Shoot first, aim later. I accept your apology.

Anyway, I don't see how my USTA win rate is very relevant here, but it does give us one useful bit of information: I know **way** more about how 3.5 and 4.0 women play in combo, mixed and adult than you do. Maybe you should listen.]
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