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Default Goodbye Tennis!

Just got back from the hand surgeon today with bad news. After the mri, x ray, etc. the result was a torn or damaged scapho/lunate ligiment. Im not sure all the problems are because after she told me what was wrong I didnt listen very well but she said the operation was succesful only 10% of the time and I would have pins in wrist for weeks with a cast and the healing time is 1 yr. I can hit groundies all day long with no problem with pain but the problem is serving. My question to anyone out there is there a devise that can be put on the wrist to keep from moving down when serving. I have tried taping, all the wrist bands out there, changing serve techniques etc all to no avail. Knew I had this problem for year and have hurt wrist trying different methods. Help, if anybody knows a fix. Thanks

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