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Volkl Org 10 295 is my current racket and is the best platform for customization in my humble opinion. I added lead to the head (3,9,10:30,1:30,noon) and the handle, Bab Skin Feel replacement grip, Gamma Supreme overgrip, Volkl dampener and it is now 12.1+ oz, 335 SW, and 6 HL.

I tried this and think they are all worth a demo - very good rackets:

1. Volkl Org 10 295
2. Wilson PS 95
3. Dunlop 300 (either bio or ag 4d - both are good)
4. BB London Mid+

The Volkl PB 10 295 looks like it would be worth a shot too but I have not played it yet.

Of course the Rads are good platform rackets but I am not a fan of the super soft flexy feel.
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