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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
Ooooo now I have to serve 120 out wide. That I dont know if I can do. Maybe on the Ad side.

I love how this started out with 110. Then it became 110 out wide. Then it became "all the time". Then it became 120 out wide.

I remember a point where I said I could serve 100+ and everyone was a doubter. After I posted my "bad" serve video its evolved to 120 out wide all the time.
Originally Posted by NTRPolice from 8/16/2012
If my serve happened to be going extremely well, we may have been able to win. By well I mean 110-120 on demand out-wides and zero doubles serving 75-80 minimum.

My serve is probably the strongest part of my game... but its also the weakest part at the same time. It's the "main gun" as I call it. If the main gun is dialed in, it's easy sailing. If the main gun is down... well... haha.
Forgot it was the 3.0 serving 120 out wide ON DEMAND
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