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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
That is a good post questioning in a clear way all those who still think Fed has a single chance of being considered GOAT
There are two big IFS dominating his whole career
1/What IF he had a good record against main career rivaÁ
2/What IF he played in a tough era instead a very weak one
So many IF mark his whole career....
Such a weak era, right? Because if you give a modern racquet to Laver, Rosewall, Hoad and all the other superhuman athletes of the past they would eat alive Nadal on a clay court (i can see mighty Rod handling with his flawless one hander, 3500 rpm Nadal`s forehands, standing on the baseline without breaking a sweat) or Djokovic on a hard court. Yeah i think they wouldn`t have any problem at all trying to cope with a 100+ mph forehand from the likes of Del Potro, Berdych, Tsonga, etc. Such a piece of cake for all the 60`s bunch. I can even see how easily peakest of peakest Hoad would serve bagels and blast away Murray on a slow hard court. The thing is that you cant compare eras because the conditions, equipment, etc are all very different. I can assure you that shotmakers like Laver, Hoad, Nastase or SV players like Edberg, Newcombe, Gonzalez, etc would have to adapt their games today, if not they wouldnt make the top 50. Was the game more enjoyable to the eye in the past?? Perhaps, I cant tell, but better or more, hell no.
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