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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
If that's what you're saying, then I agree.

There are still people here who think I cant serve 100. Granted, I havnt exactly proven it, the fact that they're so sure I cant is becoming questionable because of the progression to the 120 mph out-wide on demand 70% of the time.

It started as "a 3.0 cant serve 100 mph" referring to me.

It is a fact that I am a 3.0, but if what you are saying is that "im out of level thats why I can possibly do it" then I wholly agree.
1. YOU were the first to claim this "120 out wide on demand" stuff
2. 3.0s don't serve 100 mph
3. From vids, you have a nice serve but it isn't near 100
4. Go clock yourself and get cred.
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