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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
One idea we have kicked around.
2 out of 3 tiebreakers (keeps the viewing length shortish)
We post a poll so you guys can pick the match-ups.
We post another poll so you guys can choose from a list of racquets you'd like to see each player use.

We then have the winning match-up take place with each player using the racquet that got the most votes for them.

We film it and post the result.

Chris, TW
I'd definitely vote for more doubles sets. I know singles is cool and all but doubles gives us a chance to see 4 of the playtesters at a time and I really liked the ones you did with Spencer vs Granville and Mark (I think it was) plus the recent one of you and Britt vs Siobhan and Andy.

Also, if you're doing any other matches I'd love to see someone using the PK Kinetic Pro 5G Classic. It looks like a really good doubles stick but totally overlooked.
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