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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
NTRPolice, I have noticed a theme in your posts (well, a lot of them, actually). The theme I noticed is "I'm a legit 3.0C, but I really have the strokes of a 3.5 or a 4.0."

I have a TT cautionary tale for you.

A few years ago, we had a poster whose name I won't reveal. Nice guy, for sure. He played a season of 3.0S and wasn't bumped up. Then he worked on his game and demolished the field at 3.0 as a 3.0C. This included a run to nationals and a national title, IIRC. He felt it was a reasonable goal to get to 4.5.

He got a double-bump to 4.0. The last I heard was that he was struggling to win games at 4.0, let alone matches. I think he became overwhelmed with job and family and isn't playing USTA these days. Before he left TT, he was very candid about how wrong he had been about ascending to 4.5 and how his strokes weren't achieving much at 4.0.

I hope when (not if, when) this happens to you that you will come back here and commiserate. You won't be the first to dominate at a low level only to find the going quite difficult once the NTRP computer catches up to you.
Hey Cindy, don't know if you've wasted the 10 minutes of your life that you'll never get back like I did, but this kid has videos on YouTube. He's one of those former high school athletes that is picking up the game in his early-mid 20's. the type that is athletic and coordinated enough to rally with average 4.0 guys.

I would bet this kid will get bumped in December to 3.5 and be OK. He'll run into the backboards and junkballers there and have a few frustrating defeats, but for the most part he will win out of pure athleticism. Just like he did at 3.0, which he probably never belonged at.

4.0 will be another bag for him, as there will be plenty of folks there that are as athletic and technically sound. He won't fly through that level, but he'd have to be a total mental midget to get smoked. He likely will come to rest there for a while unless he plays up and gets some fluke wins.

4.5 is the level where I think he'd get it handed to him. Most guys at 4.5 have 20+ years on the court in one way or the other. I'm the type that played juniors and quit at 17 and then picked it up again 10 years ago in my late 20's. others picked it up after college and are now 40+. That level of experience is what will be the toughest to overcome for Police.
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