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I have to say, I'm rather interested in this thread. A year ago NadalAgassi, you made an F1 thread in here where you were adamant Vettel was the best driver in Formula1 (when he was whizzing off each race with his superdiffuser) and calling people idiots for suggesting otherwise.

What changed?

One thing's for sure, Alonso is a better driver than Vettel. Actually, I feel Alonso, Hamilton and Raikonnen are all better than Vettel and would have all won the last 2 championships in that 10/11 RedBull at a canter.

It's not an exact science trying to work it all out though. In Formula1, it's never as black&white as simply counting how many championships have been won.
Last year Alonso was driving poorly for his standards in addition to the slower car, his car was no worse than 2010 when he nearly won the World Championship despite also having far from the best car. Hamilton was also driving poorly last year and was being far eclipsed by Button in the same car so it is frankly laughable to say he would have won a World title in any car last year. This year both are driving much better than last year, and Raikkonnen is also back and driving very well in a much less competitive car, which makes it not as clear cut anymore, but last year Vettel was clearly the best driver in addition to having the best car.

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