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If best means fastest, the answer is Lewis Hamilton without a doubt. The fact is Hamilton started his rookie year only a tad slower than Alonso and by the end of that year he was already on par, if not faster than Alonso.

But he is hampered by team errors, misfortunes with drivers and equipment, etc. Alonso has extremely good racecraft which is why he is leading the championship now.
Making mistakes and managing the car is part of being a better driver. Hamilton is much poorer in those areas which have to be factored in. It isnt all about speed. Given all the controversy that went on in McLaren the year Alonso and Hamilton were teammates there I also dont give much credence to anything that happened that year.

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Btw OP, don't forget about Schumacher. He is not fighting for the championship but that doesn't take his seven titles away (multi-champion drivers)
I am no just talking "current" ability. Of course in career greatness Schumacher is the best, although he like Vettel benefited greatly from a dominant car most of his career, and I think ability wise someone like Alonso is just as good as him. However in current ability he has mostly of the time been below Rosberg in the same car since his return to F1 so he doesnt even factor in.

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