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Originally Posted by MarrratSafin View Post
If best means fastest, the answer is Lewis Hamilton without a doubt. The fact is Hamilton started his rookie year only a tad slower than Alonso and by the end of that year he was already on par, if not faster than Alonso.

But he is hampered by team errors, misfortunes with drivers and equipment, etc. Alonso has extremely good racecraft which is why he is leading the championship now.
Thats the media speaking. Alonso was given the number 2 car hence the fallout between him and his team especially ron dennis. Towards the end hamilton was being favoured in every way you can imagine, even though he was a rookie and alonso a 2 time wc.

Hamilton has the best car in testing this year and would probably be winning the title but for a slow start and some reliability problems. Hamilton will have the best car again next year when he moves to mercedes because of new regulations coming in 2013.
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