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Originally Posted by jservoss View Post
I definitely differ strategies on my serve and return games.

I believe a player is only as good as their weakest service game. It doesn't matter if you win most service games at love if you occasionally have a miserable one. Therefore I play more conservatively on my service games so that there is less variance between my weakest and strongest service games.

Along those same lines, many times you only need one break to win a set, so I go much bigger on my return games. It doesn't matter if I lose most return games because of errors, if I have at least one game each set where it all comes together.
Interesting, I play differing ways depending on score. I'll return a little more aggressive at 0-30 or 0-40 since I have little to lose and lots to gain. Reverse those scores and ill probably just block a serve back and force them to try to do too much.

Similar on serve. I'll go bigger when up two or three points, especially when up a break. My classic move is a kicker out wide at 40-30 where I'll serve and volley.

I like your theory in general.
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