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Originally Posted by Tennisstringz View Post
Who gives a crap about star rankings until junior year in high school? It is determibed by what grade you are in, not age.

You will find the following junior year...

If you want to play in an Div 1 NCAA top 50 program, you better have five stars or you re assumed to not fit.

If you want d 1 mid major, you better be four stars.

If you are three stars, better look really good on film or have a huge serve or weapon to develop... Or no d1 for you.
you maybe focusing on Men, but a 2* and 3* girl can get a full scholarship at many smaller D1 schools. Local D1 in my town #2 player was a 3* Freshman. Look at several other schools and they have 2* and 3* players in the line-up and they are not just for filler/Title IX requirements.
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