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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
The money would be better spent making tennis more affordable, free instruction all the way up the ladder, clay court time, etc. Knowing the USTA they probably gave some well connected video company way too much money to make those videos.

There was never anything wrong with tennis instruction, clubs had great kids programs long before TAUT. The issues I outlined were always there and remain. Makes zero sense to spend tons to get kids into tennis with this stuff when 99.999999% of them will soon quit due to other issues.

Every penny spent on high performance and TAUT should have been used to subsidize existing programs and coaches, allow existing programs to expand into other clubs and schools, allow them to provide low or no cost programming. Lots more could have been accomplished.

The infrastructure was already in place for both kids classes and high performance at existing academies and private coaches. The USTA spent a ton building its own infrastructure due to pure ego and the control freak issues they have.
Any good organizations need to serve their members. To have the videos accessible for free deserves a praise. I give people credit when the credit is due. Glad my membership fee went into something like this.

You seem to forget that there are many kids, especially 10 under out there being coached by their parents.
These new USTA videos look cool for us parents and kids compared to the USTPA DVDs I bought from TW a few years ago. Those are the old videos repackaged in a DVD formatted. Macci looked much younger back then.
Many available videos on internet are older and nothing much about 10U tennis. Some newer ones, you have to subscribe to get a full access.
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