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I never played high school sports. I messed around with tennis but never took it seriously. I decided to randomly play a non-USTA league in 2010 and later joined USTA.

It's easy to say that someone will fail at 4.5 since most people will. I am very well aware that blowing through 3.0 and 3.5 will be much easier than getting though 4.0 and moving on to 4.5. What's your point? In my "tennis plan" I gave myself 3 years to move up from 3.0 to 4.0 and 5 years to move up from 4.0 to 4.5.

"Wasted your 10 mins of your life" lol.

You say that and you call me a "kid". lol. What is this? Halo? or Call of Duty?

And ive worked very hard to get this good in this amount of time. If you think im going to "play up" just to get "fluke wins" so I can be a 4.5 "C" you're an idiot. I didnt work his hard to (basically) self-rate up just to say im a 4.5. If I hit my goal ill hit 4.5 by the time im 35 which gives me 5 solid years to grind out 4.0 the right way. If I was all about "rating flexing" I could have just self-rated 4.0 from the start.[/QUOTE]

I actually didn't say you played hs sports, but that you were a hs athlete. I'm assuming you weren't picked last in gym class.

I didn't say you'd fail at 4.5. That is where I think you'll get to (Cindy thought 4.0 was your ceiling). You'll struggle at 4.5, but you'll get there. Like I said, it's an experience thing. By the time you log your 20+ years on the court, your body will be on the down side physically.

I've probably wasted far more than 10 mins of my life. On top of watching the videos, I'm sitting here analyzing you on my lunch break.

And yea, you're a kid to me. Sorry, didn't mean to offend. I am nearly old enough to be your father so I put you in the kid category. We refer to all the recent college grads as kids.

I understand that you don't want to play up as a way to accomplish a long term goal. I didn't want to either when I was a solid 4.0. But I got baited into it by a friend that was short on players for a 4.5 team. Then, I got a couple wins and received the bump. Dreaded it at the time, but I've been competitive enough.

In a nutshell, I'm being complimentary of you. I think that you probably should have self rated at 3.5 originally. 3.0 is just below you physically.

Probably the only non compliment I have is your serve. It might touch 100 on a hot day, but it ain't got 120 within sight. No way, no how. Your natural arm swing just doesn't get that much racket head speed. 120 is a really, really big ball that I don't know if I've faced in 20+ years. Only time I've seen it live is at UF men's matches and during tour events.
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