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Originally Posted by isilra View Post
The key to that kind of wrist action i find is, holding the racquet as loose as possible. That way, you just move and turn your body forward and your racquet comes from behind. If you hit the ball right in front of you, then it goes like a bullet. Whenever i hold the racquet tight, the racquet faces upwards during the contact and the ball goes to the sky.

My forehand does not exactly looks like this guy. I mean i believe that i have a better footwork and early preparation than him but the reason i have put that video is, i have the same stop that he takes just before hitting the ball. I mean i turn my shoulders and pivot my feet and i start to take the racquet back with a loop. Then as the second part of the motion, i drop the racquet and hit the ball. And i don't know if it is normal because it is always said that once you begin backswing movement, you shouldn't stop.
Thanks, I know I should definitely keep my grip loose, but it's so easy to forget!
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