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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
With all the excitement about open stance and modern topspin stroke notwithstanding usual running forehands are out of that mold. Invariably they are very closed stance (which is a necessity) but still they can be hit very powerfully with pretty good control if executed well. Maybe not as spinny as regular topspin fh and more flat.

Can you share your ideas on this shot about the technique and/or biomechanics? I don't know if a true western grip can execute this shot but for SW and E grips this is a very important shot. I'm trying to better understand its mechanics.
I can't explain why, and I haven't heard a convincing explanation, but, I do agree that, when hitting a forehand while running laterally out wide, it's easier and more natural to hit with either a closed stance, or, at least be mostly sideways to the target, especially when hitting cross court.

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