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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
110-120 out wide on demand when im serving exceptionally well. It did start with "no 3.0 can serve 100" and you're missing a lot of the things said in between. I dont use it all the time for many reasons, reasons which you didnt list.

I'm a bit over the whole serve speed stuff because its clear no matter what I produce you guys will still have some angle to play to discredit it. I'm fine with that. The reason for my Youtube channel has never been to prove claims on TT.

-You guys have not seen my big serve head on, only the second serve i've been working on.
-Even if I do "clock" it using the FPS method, I still wasnt given "80" on my second serve. There were people claiming that serve was going 65 mph, remember? By that reasoning ill have to serve 135+ before you guys nitpick something else.
The FPS method is apples to oranges and is flawed; not the least of which is the wild assumption that since a Sampras serve decelerates from 135 at racket impact to 85 at bounce (a drop in speed assumption that I seriously question) that everyone's speed drops by 40 mph. Regardless, it isn't the standard. It's as if you put mini gps sensors in a ball and posted speeds; there is nothing to relate it to save personal improvement.

A radar gun is very accurate and is no way shape or form a camera. Go clock yourself and post results. If you're hitting 120 mph out wide on demand I will be the first to say how awesome a serve you have.... for virtually any level of play. Until then it ain't happening. No way; no how.
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