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Originally Posted by positiveplay View Post
I love my Babolat Star II machine, however, I'm about to send in both of my locking clamps for repair and inspection. Since parts won't be readily available in the future, is it wise to keep this machine up and running? I only string for myself and a couple of my friends right now and other than the locking clamps, the machine runs great. Has anyone ever bought parts from **** or Craigslist for old Babolat machines? Does any Star II owner (or former owner) have any tips about the maintenance or longevity of this machine? Thanks.
As a fellow star II owner I would not worry much about the electronic components on the star II it is a very well built machine.
Just make sure to use a good surge protector. It will probably work for another 25 years.
All you really need to do is replace or recondition the clamps.
To the best of my knowledge you can purchase clamps from Babolat or from Tennis Machines dot com
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