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I'd disagree with that since the championship was sown up in that car either way, Vettel just had to keep it on the road. Whereas everyone else had to fight and scrap all season long with inferior equipment. (Apart from Webber, but he's on a low level compared to the best drivers like Alonso/Hamilton & co).
Fair enough. The only way we will ever know for sure is to put everyone in the same car, but that will never happen.

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Hamilton will have the best car again next year when he moves to mercedes because of new regulations coming in 2013.
Hmm I think the new regulation will help Mercedes but the best car next year? Not impossible but I would be surprised. Either way Hamilton would be taking a gamble going to Mercedes, as what if they turn out to be still slower than McLaren. Who would he replace? Schmacher has talked of retiring but has he made it official. Would the team drop him even if he doesnt volunteeringly go. I could be wrong but I dont see them dropping Rosberg.

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