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Since I'm running low on Scorpion and don't have the money to buy another reel, I think I'm going to switch strings so I can let my clients use up the rest of the Scorpion. I would use B5E, but it needs a really good cross string to shine (in my opinion, gut, but no cashola for that right now). So instead, I'll use a string which I haven't actually playtested in this thread but have used and know to be good. String of choice: Pro Supex BAM. Probably the most responsive and crisp poly on the market, so I think that in a hybrid with my new fave S-Gut crosses should suffice. I just bought another entire reel of BAM for 20 bucks from the Depot having accrued so many points haha. The stuff flew off the reel last semester! Will post a formal playtest of the stuff in my new frame (only used it in the AG100 and AG200).
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