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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Making mistakes and managing the car is part of being a better driver. Hamilton is much poorer in those areas which have to be factored in. It isnt all about speed. Given all the controversy that went on in McLaren the year Alonso and Hamilton were teammates there I also dont give much credence to anything that happened that year.

I am no just talking "current" ability. Of course in career greatness Schumacher is the best, although he like Vettel benefited greatly from a dominant car most of his career, and I think ability wise someone like Alonso is just as good as him. However in current ability he has mostly of the time been below Rosberg in the same car since his return to F1 so he doesnt even factor in.
Well, you need a great car to win the championship. Alonso always said that the car is at least 70% of your chances. But Schumacher proved himself in inferior cars and so did Vettel in a few races (not over the course of a whole season, but Vettel did not have as many chances yet).

The Williams was a better car in '94 and '95 when Schumacher won his first titles. Some of Schumacher's Ferrari titles were very close ones as well. There were one or two years when it was indeed easy for him, but "most of his career" seems a bit too much imo

Vettel seems to do better than his teammates in a great car, but this season showed that he does not always handle a tough situation as well as you would expect. He is still young though. Maybe it will be different in a few years, with more experience. Who knows.

Anyway, right now Alonso is the best...

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