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Sorry to disagree but the vast majority of my clients and other coaches clients are flustered parents. Very, very few can teach their own kids. The ones that do stop well short of anything past the basics.

These days the number of parents even attempting to teach their kids tennis is tiny compared to even 20 years ago. Thats not what American parent-child dynamics are currently, and certainly not where they will be trending in the future. Lots of reasons, time constraints, loads of activities, travel sports, 2 parents needing to work, kids with lower attention spans due to all the technology that has developed, etc.

Thus these videos will not be used by parents at will not find more than a tiny sliver of parents/kids who could or would progress through these videos past maybe the very first few. The level of strict steps and detail would lead to parent/child frustration within minutes.

These videos are not bad or good....but they are indicative of the HUGE problem. The USTA wants to reinvent the wheel and take credit, at a large cost.

The proper way to do it would have been to identify kids programs that were working already. Lots of them existed thanks to dedicated coaches and parents all over the USA. Simply find the best, fund the founders to train and spread the program.

Same with high performance for the elite kids. Find the existing private coaches and academies that were doing a great job. Fund the elite kids to go there.

Very simple....building your own under 10 program and high performance....very expensive. Funding existing ones that worked to grow and spread....much cheaper and more likely to succeed.
These videos are valuable for parents. Even if they do not attempt to teach their kid themselves they at least can get an idea how it should look like and select a competent coach who is teaching things shown in these videos. You would not believe what some people teach. I wish I watched these videos when we were starting out - we escaped from our first coach by just sheer luck
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