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Yeah right, so sorry a s s coaches like you get USTA funds, I don't think so... USTA is not stupid, they know who the best kids are and they are watching them, giving them money, supporting them, offering free training travel reimbursements etc. They are getting it done and I know it sucks for you to sit at home and wish you were involved. American youngsters are getting better and better and there are a bunch of them coming up, thanks to the USTA. USTA do have a formula that is working, it took them a few years to identify the kids since Pmac came in and we are witnessing the rise of USA tennis, it is right around the corner I think more so with girls than boys but I really think that both are on track.
It's not Abby's Dad - welcome back Chalk! No fun picking on usta without someone feebly defending them.

Btw, nice job with fake Russian accent.
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