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Perhaps there are stories of the great Lew Hoad who had one of the great all time serve and also had the reflexes to move in a take big serves of the rise to put it away.

And yes big servers can be problem for anyone but big returners are also a problem for anyone. Jimmy Connors, in the 1975 Wimbledon semi on fast grass against the great serve of Roscoe Tanner was able to blast winners off Tanner's high velocity serves. Some players do have the anticipation and the reflexes to handle big serves and if they have a big serve, groundies and a volley to boot, well perhaps you may have this type of player. So who is the closest to that? A lot of it is first strike tennis but often a great return like a Connors, Laver or Djokovic can neutralize a big serve.
If there is anything close to an unstoppable player it will be a power hitter with a great serve-forehand-volley combo, never a great returner or counter puncher. You could put Laver, Djokovic, Connors, all at the same time against a player with the serve of Raonic, Eberg volleys, and Del Potro forehand, with a 1 serve percentage above 70% and even with cat reflexes they would get blown off the court. No one in tennis history (as far as i know) have been able to read serves and take the ball on the rise like Agassi did, and look what happened to him facing an on fire Sampras in 99 Wimby
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