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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
I'm especially interested in the core movement and control on this shot. And how so much power can be generated without the core rotation. Any ideas?
I already answered this. There is little to no core movement. The power comes from prepping the racquet high and letting it drop down under the ball from gravity and also from hitting off of the left foot for a stable base. Most rec players just run through the shot which is wrong. And by 'run through' i mean they just hit the ball no matter where their feet are and run through it instead of giving consideration to striking while on the left foot.

Hit off the left foot. high prep. let the racquet drop down. hit outside of the ball. finish high. That gives you lots of power.

edit: You don't necessarily 'swing through' on this shot. It's more like a pendulum. gravity does the work.

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