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Originally Posted by man_untd11 View Post
Federer takes his earlier (closer to the baseline) so he doesn't give up court positioning. It might not be as big or have as much spin but just being closer to the baseline opens up the court more and gives him more options. Plus, he has a sick slice. I'd rather take Federer's backhand.
This...and many other arguments from people who favor Fed's backhand over Gasquet's ... have nothing to do with the stroke itself. The same arguments are used when comparing Fed's backhand with Wawrinka's, and they are frankly excuses.
Fed takes it earlier...because he has better footwork and his game is based on totally different court positioning.
The reason Gasquet stands so far behind the baseline has nothing to do with his backhand stroke. He can take it plenty early when he wants to and when his footwork allows him.
Just watch some of his grass matches...maybe a certain Wimbledon match against Roddick ???
I'd take Gasquet's from these 2 options, but yes...I liked other backhands as well...maybe more than Gasquet's.
From the retired guys...I'd take Korda's, Pavel's, Guga's (maybe Pioline's...which is actually very similar to Guga's/Gasquet's) for example...and from the current guys some good examples were already given...people like Haas, Wawrinka and even Kohlschreiber have close to perfect backhands. Not necessarily better than Gasquet's ... but certainly in the same league.
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