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Originally Posted by bugeyed View Post
Think about it! If the starting clamp is next to the frame, it will crush the grommet. Back up the anchor clamp with the starting clamp, done, finito. BTW it is not a widely used method IMO. If you have good clean clamps & adjust them properly, slippage is not a big problem.

I have to disagree, the starting clamp backing up the main clamp is probably the most widely used method to start, IMHO. I'd say Yusuki/dual pulling center two mains is much, much less used (even though they are more correct).

RW: Machine clamp goes closest to frame, Starter is behind it. This is why we say "backing up" the machine clamp. This method assumes slippage, and really (mostly) serves to mitigate/minimize any string damage that would occur from dragging the string through a texturized string clamp. It also allows one to reach reference tension (duh).

I wouldn't overcomplicate this issue, there are multiple ways to skin this cat, and there are "better" ways, too
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