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Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
What about Almagro?

Also, Gasquet's footwork is great as well.
Almagro has a very good backhand as well, but having seen both him and Gasquet live on clay...frankly...Gasquet's has more work on it.
Gasquet's backhand jumps like crazy even on indoor carpet (yes...I've seen him play live on that surface as well).

P.S. Yes...Gasquet has good footwork, but Federer's is in the "all time great" category from that point of view.

P.P.S When coming up with arguments on "stroke compared to stroke" threads people should understand that court positioning has most of the time little to do with stroke technique.
Murray stands pretty far back as well and it's NOT because he can't take his backhand (or his forehand for that matter) early. It's a choice based on personality/game style, it has pretty much nothing to do with how he hits his backhand.

An opposite example to this "far back court positioning" was Andre A. Do people actually think he stood so close to the baseline ALL THE TIME (even when the situation demanded something else) because of his stroke technique and timing only ??
He stood there because he could time the ball well...but ALSO he stood there because he lacked speeed/court coverage. He KNEW that he didn't stand a chance running balls down (something that people like Murray and Gasquet can do very well) from 3-4 meters behind the he stood closer and took a chance.
Even when put in defense...and hence the situation would have asked for him to move 2 meters back from his usual positioning he took the gamble of sitting close and swinging at the ball. If somebody could have given him the Murray/Djokovic type of speed and court coverage, he would have chosen very differently in certain can be certain of that !
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