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Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
I disagree. Why would players stay behind and therefore give up an advantage for no reason? Most people stay behind because they like to have time on their shots. Why don't we see guys like Agassi or Davydenko stay 10 feet behind the baseline? Becuase they don't need to. Their shots are simple and compact so it's not really necessary. However, if you have bigger swings, you will find it harder to time your shots.

Man, I hate it when people underestimate Gasquet's talent. Just because he dodn't fulfill his promise, it doesn't mean he doesn't have it. The fact that some people consider MONFILS more talented than him is hilarious.
Haha...funny coincidence, I was actually thinking about the Agassi example before reading your post and gave you an answer in the edited post above. He stood so close to cut angles because he couldn't cover the court.
Davydenko stands so close for some similar reasons and also for some different reasons to Andre A. Similar reasons are to take time away and take the initiative in rallies and then move their opponents side to side.
Different reasons are because Davydenko would lack the power to outhit people from further back. He doesn't have a problem with speed (like Andre did) and as a result, he will actually move back when put on the defensive (at least will do it much more often than Andre did).
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