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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
I voted for Vettel because He has been solid with his car being worse than Ferrari for most of time, He isn't lucky as Alonso, Alonso won several points due to luck.

Career wise, I'd still rate Alonso the best of them all, with Vettel being slightly behind, Vettel is faster driver but still makes a little more mistakes than Alonso, but Vettel is a lot more inexperienced as well.

PS- Michael Schumacher's come back because of money has been very poor and very unlucky as well. The König needs to retire for sure, plus F1 nowadays with DRS/KERS suck.
The Red Bull has been a better car throughout the entire season than the Ferrari.

I guess you're just comparing the two drivers as the poll says because there would be a lot more drivers to mention...

Schumacher is a billionaire and certainly did not return for any money. If you follow the F1 closely like I do (I'm a sports journalist) you will know that Schumacher is better this year than in both years before and still very competitive. The only reason why he does not have as many points as Rosberg is because technical problems on his car forced him to retire in five races. The oher two "dnf" were his own fault though. He's probably not as good as he was in his prime, but he's still among the best.

Oh, it seems I'm starting to defend Schumacher for some reason. This is an Alonso/Vettel thread though. Sorry for that. I'm off now
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