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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
It's the forward swing that has a pendulum motion, not the backswing.
The backswing as well. On the FH swing, the pendulum takeback gives you a very high elbow position, and it lets you sling the racquet at the ball. It lets you drive through the ball cleanly, yet have a true reverse finish.

There's a mechanical reason why. Most torso rotation is there to load the up-down-up motion of the swing (shoulder abduction.) This is difficult to load when you're moving laterally, and in fact your ability to drive through the ball gets compromised when moving this way with a traditional loop. However, the pendulum motion doesn't require that element, because it doesn't load the shoulder to swing the arm across the body. Thus you can still plow through a ball as if you were stepping into the shot. It gives you the same depth/pace.

How do you get forward/linear weight transfer on a running forehand?
It requires really good footwork. You have to shift your weight over the outside of your foot while suppressing sideways lean with the trunk. To do that, this may require you to significantly lower and widen your base.
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