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Originally Posted by Pete.Sampras. View Post
The Red Bull has been a better car throughout the entire season than the Ferrari.

I guess you're just comparing the two drivers as the poll says because there would be a lot more drivers to mention...

Schumacher is a billionaire and certainly did not return for any money. If you follow the F1 closely like I do (I'm a sports journalist) you will know that Schumacher is better this year than in both years before and still very competitive. The only reason why he does not have as many points as Rosberg is because technical problems on his car forced him to retire in five races. The oher two "dnf" were his own fault though. He's probably not as good as he was in his prime, but he's still among the best.

Oh, it seems I'm starting to defend Schumacher for some reason. This is an Alonso/Vettel thread though. Sorry for that. I'm off now
I'm glad you are a sport journalist, because I do follow F1 and have been since 1986 as far as I can remember.

Schumacher Is nowhere near his best, I'd say he is around 40% or lower than his best. He had a lot of investments when the stock marketing in 2008 had that big down side He lost a lot of money, I don't know details about it, since you're in the business you should know about it.

Of course I'm comparing only Vettel and Alonso, that is the poll.
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