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Originally Posted by tricky View Post
The backswing as well. On the FH swing, the pendulum takeback gives you a very high elbow position, and it lets you sling the racquet at the ball. It lets you drive through the ball cleanly, yet have a true reverse finish.
No. There is no pendulum movement on any backswing. A pendulum is when a weight is suspended up at a pivot point and swings down freely from gravity to establish equilibrium. The high racquet prep at the end of the takeback is the suspension and pivot. The downward and then forward movement is the pendulum action. This occurs after the takeback. The momentum from the fall of the racquet is transferred into the ball.

There's a mechanical reason why. Most torso rotation is there to load the up-down-up motion of the swing (shoulder abduction.)
No. Loading is done from the legs and the energy is transferred from the ground up to the torso and then arms. Torso rotation has nothing to do with up / down motion. Rotation just delivers rotational energy/ momentum into the ball.

It requires really good footwork. You have to shift your weight over the outside of your foot while suppressing sideways lean with the trunk. To do that, this may require you to significantly lower and widen your base.
Not really. You only need to time it so that you strike the ball while stepping on the left foot and remaining sideways.
It doesn't require 'really good footwork' or any complicated footwork pattern. You should step on the left foot because it gives the stable base and it keeps you sideways and doesn't interfere with a sideways shot as a right foot step would. Also if you're not running all out and you step with the left you have a chance to then plant your right foot for recovery. If not on the next step then you can do it on the one after that and it will be natural because you hit off the left.

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