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Until yesterday I would've agreed with them! I think the 260.2 was almost a test pilot for the IG RP and that racquet was great when you got it set up right but felt unstable and underpowered when you didn't. The Youtek Radical Pro was a fantastic racquet for those people that could handle the heavy swing weight, it hit a massive ball and had a lovely soft feel with heaps of spin in addition to being really easy to hit.

I think the only real complaint people had was the weight so I suspect Head thought they'd go with something more like the more manageable Radical MP mold that was less heavy in the head thinking they'd sell more if it was lighter in the head. Hence the IG Radical Pro, which did address the weight issue, but the problem now is it has lost a lot of pop, is harder to hit and unstable as a result.

The ideal solution would have been in my opinion to remake the Youtek Radical Pro mold with a different layup that was lighter in the head. I think this racquet does now exist for at least one tour player that I know of, essentially a more headlight 269.1. Not sure what the code is, hopefully at some point I'll be able to get one and have a look. If and when I do, I'll let you guys know. That setup for me would be the ultimate stick and the ultimate evolution of the whole Agassi line of bigger headed radicals that it appears peaked with the Flexpoint Radical Tour - 100 head, 58 flex, headlight balance, great stick!

As an aside, I think many are stringing their IG RP's far too tight, mine only came to life yesterday with Rod Groom's magical white Flex Infinity at 48 46 pre-stretched 15%. Came off the stringer at 31 on my ERT, 30 after hitting. We'll see how long it stays there, it felt glorious yesterday.

These extra pre-stretched polys like 4G need to be strung lower, the extra pre-stretch at the factory and on the stringer takes power out of it but they hold their tension beautifully, hence the need to string lower than many are used to. If you string them at your normal tensions, they'll feel completely underpowered and won't drop off to the point where they would feel good very quickly. This leads to most saying 'bad string.' Its not, just needs to be handled differently. What I would say is that it doesn't have that explosive elastic feeling of alu power when you first hit with it, but that feeling unfortunately doesn't last long and I can't be bothered re-stringing my sticks every time I hit. Expensive and time consuming and I'm not that good!

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