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Originally Posted by tricky View Post
For the running FH, it helps to use a pendulum motion in the takeback. The elbow is brought down initially, which causes it to rise in the takeback and above the racquet. Again, this helps to load the shoulder so that the forward swing does not need to go across the body. It's not that different from how traditional BHs are taught, except that it's just one hand and on the FH wing.
Oh i see what you mean.

Hmm... I don't see why you would want to bring the racquet down first and then up instead of just up. Bringing the racquet down first will not load the shoulder any more then starting it high. The 'amount of load' is determined by the height of the racquet at the pivot point and not by any amount of down first action.

Also it seems that bringing the racquet down first and then up and then back down would be more time consuming and subject to more errors then just prepping high first.

I don't see any pros doing this down/up/down motion for a running fh. Do you know anyone who does it this way so that I can check out it on utube?
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