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Default VS gut blk 16/ Lux4g16(1.30) vs. VS gut blk16/Ltec0s16L(1.27)

Hybrid comparison as I have been using ltec 0s 16L as a cross.

Racket is Apdgt. 360 grams. 9points head light. 55/52 tension.

Ltec 0s cross:

Predictable string response. Good tension maintenance. Gut slides very well. A bit low powered compared to say using rpm 17 as a cross. Feel is firm and a bit light on the ball. Compared to ALU as a cross it is similar. Not as much power as ALU. This hybrid will stay playable till the gut breaks. Overall a very good combo. Great directional control, decent spin. Can really shape the ball when needed and hit flat when needed. Great serving combo. Way better than full poly. IMO.

Lux 4g 16 cross:

(As compared to ltec)
thicker heavier feeling on the ball. Slightly more power even though it is a thicker string at 1.30. Control is very similar. Great directional control as well. Slightly more spin compared to ltec Os cross. A bit more bite. But this is not a spin setup.
Its an all court setup. Much like the ltec cross setup.
Serves well. As well as ltec cross but because of the slightly added power level a bit easier to generate pace on the flat bombs. Spin serves felt great as well,

Not sure about durability or playability. Only played twice with it.

I can switch between both frames at will and play my game. I give the nod to lux 4g on serves.

I give the nod to 4g on feel as well as I prefer a thicker feel of string on ball.

4g is a great cross string. Way better than ALU and ALU rough as a cross. And comparable to ltec OS 16L as a cross.

I'm glad I finally found a 16g string I like as much as ltec OS16L.
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