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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
How many playtesters do you have? If you can muster 8 or 16, how about a tournament draw (no seedings - we wouldn't want any match fixing!), and for each match we get to choose racquets. You could do the same with doubles too, and at the end crown our champion TW playtesters!
Good idea. There's 15 playtesters listed on the review page and if you could rope in one more person you could play a 'surprise doubles' tournament. That's just where you start with one 'high' and one 'low' court; winners move up to a higher court, losers move down to the lower court; players switch partners after each set. Because you have to play with everyone it doesn't necessarily favor any one person over the other. Depending on how many extras you rope in, you can have either one overall winner, a male and female winner and/or winners at the different levels (open, 4.5, etc).

Using that format you'd get to see everyone playing with everyone else.
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