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Obviously we all have our opinions and I did think Rosol was fantastic in that last set but it is an interesting topic to discuss. Actually does a player in peak form really need openings. Haven't you played what you have often thought was a brilliant shot for a winner only to see the other player hit a more brilliant shot to win the point?

This has been a topic since tennis writing started and probably discussed since shortly after tennis started. In the past they often said Ellsworth Vines was the best ever when playing his best and later guys like Hoad were also discussed. I would think it is possible that some player with supreme talent and great tennis skills may have a high level greater than anyone.
Yes i pretty much agree with you, there has to be some GOAT regarding peak level of play, because there has to be someone better than anybody else, but the problem here is that it is impossible to know. From the top of my head i could name you at least 10 performances by 10 different players in the last 20 years, that seemed flawless. Another problem is to choose an overall GOAT with so much variation across the very different conditions the game is held on. If peak Laver meet peak Nadal on grass we all know the result but if this two greats meet on clay it is a different story.
to be flawless and impossible to beat over the last
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