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Originally Posted by rainingaces View Post
Thats the media speaking. Alonso was given the number 2 car hence the fallout between him and his team especially
No he wasn't... not only did his car have the #1 on it, he also got the same opportunities as Hamilton - he just famously spat the dummy and threw his toys out the cot when he realised that not being in a completely Alonso-centric operation he would have to put a little more effort into stuff.

Likewise, the Mike Coughlan scandal also put him on the back foot when it was revealed Alonso was actively complicit in using information on Ferrari's set-up (from Nigel Stepney) - when he knew he shouldn't have. He was just lucky as hell they offered the drivers an amnesty to say what they knew. In another situation he would have been banned along with Coughlan, (test driver) Pedro De La Rosa and others. Hamilton kept his head down and nose out of the business (publicly at least) and Ron Dennis was probably just repaying the loyalty of Hamilton imo.

Alonso also seemed to the instigator of Renault getting into crap over their having other teams' technical info. He had a lot of insider knowledge on Renault having just come from them and, mysteriously, not long after he went to McLaren, stories about Flavio Briatore and Renault's technical rule-bending started surfacing.

Clutter aside, for natural pace and overall consistency Alonso rules the F1 grid in the average to above-average competitive teams. Hamilton is lightning quick when he is, but has also had plenty of times when he's been rather meek - not to mention the patches of error prone driving he had also. Kimi would be right up there too but he seems to swing between blind brilliance and not giving a ****.

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