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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
A doctor told me this "joke" a while back"

A man walks into the pharmacy and tells his pharmacist, "Doc, I have a terrible flu, what can you give me to make me feel better".

Pharmacist replies, "You don't have the flu, you have a cold".

Man asks, "How do you know that".

Pharmacist replies, "Because you're here".

Point being, when you have the flu (instead of a cold), you aren't up walking around. It really knocks you on your *****.

The further point is that people often mistake a (bad) cold for the flu.
I am a healthy adult in my early 30s. I have never been sick even with a cold until I got flu in late 2010. It took the --- out of me. I was pretty sure at that time that it was not a simple cold because I couldn't even wake up from the bed and I have never been in that situation before.

For me the peace of mind outweighs the risk of getting flu and ever since 2010 I have been taking flu shots.

That's all.
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