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Originally Posted by Vlad_C View Post
Normally, the purpose of a loopy takeback is to get the racquet moving, and generate more racquet speed that way.
If you have a break in your loopy swing, that pretty much negates any benefit from that long loop.
At that point, a loopy takeback becomes just a waste of time. You would be better off with just a simple, straight takeback.
This person knows what they are talking about. Stick to a simple straight takeback if you want a more consistent shot. If you want a more powerful shot, keep your loopy takeback but work on keeping a flowing movement.

On a similar note, what is it with people banging on about how good short backswings are lately? They are good if you are an intermediate player working on consistency. But if you are advanced and want to work on power you should work on having a long swing and using your whole body (legs, torso, shoulders, arm, wrist).
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